You'll want to provide a healthy as well as beautiful environment for your new tropical fish. One common problem with tanks is cloudy water. Bacteria is the most likely culprit. Fish tanks have good and bad bacteria. During your initial setup, your tank should go through the nitrogen cycle which will allow it to build up helpful bacteria in the water and the filter media to help prevent cloudiness. That cloudiness will clear away as the water quality improves, but it can take 6-8 weeks for this to happen.

A few other mistakes can also lead to cloudy water in new tanks. The most common are:

  • Over feeding
  • Excessive water change
  • Over-population

To avoid these mistakes, feed your fish the amount they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes. Don't keep too many fish either or your filter media won't be able to keep up with water filtration. Lastly, limit partial water changes to 25% a month so your tank has a chance to build up good bacteria.


Bring on the Oxygen!

Did you know that bubbles do more than just add decoration to the tank? One of the keys to a healthy aquarium is water that is rich in oxygen. Bubbles "push" water to the surface and create circulation. So, not only do bubbles add a unique look to the tank, they add essential oxygen to the water.


Get Rid of the Gunk

Be sure to use your fish net to get rid of floating particles. We can recommend a filtration system that removes toxins and debris for the size of your tank and the kind of fish you've chosen.


Making Sure the Water's Right

Tropical fish require water with specific biological conditions and a balanced pH level of acidity and alkaline. The quality of your aquarium's water can be easily adjusted with water conditions and test kits.


Changing Your Aquarium's Water

Frequent water changes are essential to maintaining a healthy aquarium. We have the right tools to show you how to make water changes easy and convenient. We can also help you choose the proper conditioners and instruct you in their use.


The Right Temperature

Tropical fish live comfortably at 78° Fahrenheit-do not let the tank water deviate by more than 2° in either direction. Some helpful tips to accomplish this:

  • Keep your aquarium out of direct sunlight as sunlight helps algae to grow.
  • Keep your aquarium away from heating and cooling ducts.
  • Use an aquarium heater with a thermostat to maintain proper water temperature.


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