Summer. For many people, it brings fond memories of pool days, grass-stained knees and maybe even a few sunburns. Of course, the best part of this sunny season isn’t the warm weather — it’s the chance to enjoy summer activities with your best friend!

If you’re looking for fun ways to keep yourself and your furry friend entertained (even when it’s too hot to go outside), you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite summer activities for dogs and their people.

4 Outdoor Activities for Your Dog

The hottest days of the year are often called the “dog days” of summer. Maybe that’s because it’s your furry friend’s favorite time to enjoy outdoor activities with you!

Here are a few ideas to make the most of the season:

Visit the Dog Park

Summer might just be the perfect time to visit your local dog park. With wide-open spaces to play fetch, hide-and-seek or tug of war, dog parks give your furry friend a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy the nice weather. Just make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations and flea and tick treatment before joining the fun.

Make Icy Dog Treats

Looking for a way to help your dog stay cool and entertained at the same time? All you need is water and a handful of snacks to make an icy treat. Just fill a square container with water, or preferably a feeding mat, add veggies, dog cookies or other bite-sized snacks and freeze. Then enjoy the show while your dog licks, gnaws and claws at the icy treat!

Speaking of icy treats, did you know there’s an ice cream specifically for dogs? Puppy Scoops comes in fun flavors and gives your pooch a tail-wagging way to cool down.

Fill a Kiddie Pool

If your dog loves to play in the water, a kiddie pool could keep them entertained for hours. These pools come in plastic and inflatable varieties and in lots of different sizes, so make sure you choose one that’s appropriate for your pet. Don’t forget to pick up some floating dog toys for extra summer playtime.

Turn On a Sprinkler

There’s nothing like running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day. Even if you don’t have sprinklers in your yard, you can buy hose attachments or doggie sprinklers that will keep your dog entertained as they chase the water and play in the spray. (And don’t forget, there’s no reason you can’t join them!) Just remember to keep an eye on the water pressure to make sure your pup is comfortable.

4 Indoor Activities for Your Dog

Whether you’re a huge fan of summer activities or would rather crash in the shade, the truth is that everyone needs a way to escape hot weather — especially furry pets. Here are a few ideas to keep your dog entertained when it’s time to take a break from outdoor activities:

Make a Doggie Play Date

A play date is a perfect opportunity for your pooch to enjoy some time with their own furry friends. For even more fun, have the other pet parents bring their dogs’ favorite toys to add to the mix. Just remember to make sure every pooch has had their Bordetella vaccine, which helps protect against kennel cough — the highly contagious “doggie flu” that can spread in canine social settings.

Buy or Make Puzzle Toys

Have you ever seen zoo animals playing with puzzle toys for enrichment? Turns out, you can buy or make similar toys for your own pets. The idea is to make your dog work a little harder for a treat, giving them a chance to keep their minds busy while indoors.

Try the Treadmill

Not all dogs like the treadmill, but some can be trained to walk or run to burn off their energy. If you decide to try this with your furry friend, just make sure to start slowly and be extra careful not to hurt yourself or your dog.

Take a Class

Online obedience or training courses are a great way to keep yourself and your dog busy when it’s too hot for outdoor activities. Plus, you’ll find great ways to communicate with your pooch (and they’ll learn some new tricks, too).

Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy in Hot Weather

Although it’s tons of fun to take your dog for a swim, hike or other outdoor adventure, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it. Check out these tips for keeping your pooch safe in hot weather:

  • Grooming: If your dog really puts the furry in furry friend, it might be best to keep their hair short during the summer months. Even if your pooch is naturally sleek, it’s important to keep grooming supplies on hand to avoid bringing home mud or pests after summer activities. Of course, if you’re not much of a hair stylist, you can always use grooming services to help keep your dog looking and feeling their best.
  • Hot sidewalk: Do you enjoy taking your dog on summer walks? If so, remember that sidewalks and asphalt can be especially hot on a dog’s sensitive foot pads. Stick to dirt paths where possible and try to take walks during cooler parts of the day.
  • Flea and tick treatment: Speaking of pests, summer is a good time to brush up on flea and tick prevention. As your pets spend more time outside, there’s a higher chance they’ll come into contact with pests like fleas — which means you need to be ready.
  • Heat stroke: Heat stroke is a potentially dangerous medical condition for both humans and pets. It generally occurs when your dog isn’t drinking enough water or is overheating while enjoying summer activities, so it’s up to you to make sure your pooch is hydrated and takes plenty of breaks.

Gear Up For Summer

Whether you’re looking for floating toys to bring in the water or fun new treats to keep pets entertained indoors, now is the perfect time to gear up for summer. Here at Pet Supermarket, we’re always happy to point you toward the best dog supplies, give a few recommendations or even help you find out when to get your pets vaccinated before a trip to the dog park. We’re also big fans of summer ourselves — so don’t be surprised if we offer a few more ideas for summer activities while you shop!

Are you and your dog ready to make this the best summer ever? Head over to your local Pet Supermarket for everything you need.

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