How to Get Started Building Your Aquarium Tank

Now that you've made your tank selections, please follow these instructions to build your tank and get it ready for fish.

1. Start by putting your tank where it will be displayed.
2. Rinse your substrate with water before adding it to your tank. Although the substrates should be pre-washed, it will still be dusty. Keep rinsing until the dirty water runs clear. This will help keep your tank clean and avoid unnecessary cloudiness.
3. Add your Hardscape items like logs or rocks
4. Fill your tank with a few inches of water
5. Place your plants and other decorative pieces in the tank
6. Add a heater, filter or other equipment but don't plug them in yet.
7. Fill your tank the rest of the way
8. Add water conditioner with dechlorinator and plug in your filter and heater.
9. Cycle your tank by running a Nitrogen Cycle. If you can't wait to run the cycle, please ask a sales associate how to speed up the process of preparing your tank.
10. Add your fish. Be sure you've properly prepared your water and tested it to be sure its ready for fish!