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White’s Tree Frog (Dumpy)

Scientific Name: Litoria caerulea
Lifespan: Over 3 years
Size: Up to 5 inches
Handling Ease:Excellent


  • A White’s tree frog’s diet should consist of:
    • 100% appropriately sized* insects (crickets or mealworms), fed daily
    • All food should be dusted with calcium powder/vitamin powder (alternating days)
    • *Insect size fed is relative to the animal’s size. Babies and juveniles should be fed ½ grown or smaller crickets as well as mealworms. Adults can be fed large crickets and mealworms. Superworms are not recommended for this species.

Caging & Environment

  • A minimum of a 10 gallon tank with screen cover or small glass reptile habitat.
  • Moistened moss substrate
  • o basking light is needed (room temperature is fine)
  • 5.0 Compact Fluorescent UVB light with fixture
  • Lots of artificial plants/vines
  • A branch or climbing platform
  • Water bowl
  • Cricket Keeper & Cricket Food
  • Calcium & Vitamin Powders (used alternately)
  • Spray bottle for misting
  • White’s tree frogs should be misted at least twice daily.
  • Important: Only spring water (not tap, purified, or distilled) should be used with all amphibians. This includes water for drinking and misting.


  • These big tree frogs offer the best temperament and ease in handling out of the frog family. They are so ugly they’re cute!
  • They have sticky toes they use to climb glass and have rubbery skin that helps them retain water.
  • Having a very clean, moist environment is the most crucial element to keeping these frogs healthy and smiling.
  • Males are vocal and will often “croak”, but females are silent.
  • Housing several together is possible as long as they are the same size.
  • Many hobbyists will beautify their enclosures by using live tropical plants.
  • Although they can be handled, it is best to keep handling to a minimum to reduce stress.