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V.I.P Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the cost to join the VIP Reward Program?

a. There is no cost. Membership is free.

2. Do you need a card or fob to use your VIP account?

a. No. You simply must have a phone number to look your account at any store.

3. How does the point system work?

a. You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on product purchases. Every time you reach 100 points, you earn a $5 reward that is added to your account the next day and you will receive an email stating this. Your points will reset back to 0.

4. Do my points expire?

a. Yes. If your account remains inactive for 6 months, you will lose your points that you have accumulated.

5. What happens if I don’t want to use my $5 Reward?

a. That’s ok, you can save your reward for the next purchase you choose up to 6 months.

6. Can I transfer points to another account?

a. At this time, point transfers are not allowed.

7. How many bags or cases do I need before I get my free bag of dog or cat food?

a. 10 purchases of the same participating brand within 12 consecutive months

8. What happens if I don’t make my 10 purchases within the 12 consecutive months?

a. One bag or case will fall off your account upon each bag purchase anniversary

9. How would I claim my free bag of dog or cat food?

a. Once your have purchased the ten bags of qualifying pet food (same brand and same size), you will receive an email with a message saying you have a reward.  Just come in to your local store and have cashier look up your account to redeem your reward. Your reward is valid for 60 days from date of final qualifying purchase.

10. What happens if I have 2 dogs and 1 cat? Do they each get a free bag?

a. Yes. You can be signed up to multiple brands as long as you purchase the qualifying dog or cat food within the 12 month period.


11. Are there any restrictions to what I can redeem my rewards points on? 

a. Yes. Rewards may not be used on Grooming Tails' grooming services, adoption fees, gift cards or other services we provide. 



If you have any questions that were not answered here, please call our friendly customer service team 1-866-434-1990



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