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Lifespan: 30 years+,
varies by species
Size: Varies


  • Parrot seed/pellet mix
  • 50% parrot seed
  • 50% conure or parrot pellet (depending on the size of the parrot)
  • Fresh greens (refer to the bird diets sheet for a complete listing)
  • Fresh fruit (refer to the bird diets sheet for a complete listing)
  • Treats may consist of:
    • Prepackaged bird treats
  • Avoid these foods:
    • Chocolate & other candy
    • Onions
    • Avocados

Caging & Environment

  • Parrots can be housed in any cage that features 1” bar spacing, but also need enough surface area to extend their wings.
  • They should have several perches , preferably made of different materials – wood, rope, etc. with varying diameters.
  • Provide a water cup, seed cup, and fresh food cup.
  • Toys from each category should be provided: destructible, communication, enrichment, and exercise (see Bird Toy Pie sheet for more information).


  • In the bird world, the larger the bird, the more attention and interaction it needs. Parrots need the most handling and interaction for their health, not necessarily just to keep them tame.
  • For optimal parrot health, these factors should be addressed:
  • Spacious caging with lots to do
  • Mental and physical stimulation (best provided by enrichment toys and a play area outside of the cage)
  • Daily interaction with people