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Lifespan: Up to 3 years
Size: About baseball size
Sexual Maturity:6 weeks old
Gestation :16 days
Litter Size:6-16
Weaned:3 weeks old


  • A hamster’s diet should consist of:
    • 75% square meal
    • 10% dried hay, grains, seeds & dried veggies
    • 5% fresh fruit/veggies (spinach, carrots, apples)
  • Avoid these foods:
    • Chocolate & other candy
    • Onions
    • Uncooked beans
  • Treats may consist of:
    • Treat sticks
    • Prepackaged chew sticks
    • Plain grain cereals (such as plain Cheerios)

Caging & Environment

  • Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should be housed alone. Dwarf hamsters may be housed in pairs, but beware! They breed quickly!
  • Caging should include a hide area, food bowl, water bottle, and exercise wheel.
  • Bedding should be about 1” deep. Offer additional nesting material to satisfy the hamster’s natural gathering behavior.


  • Hamsters are nocturnal by nature – this means they like to be active at night and may nip during the day if disturbed.
  • Provide the hamster with an exercise ball for out-of-the-cage fun!