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Lifespan: Males: 5-6 years
Females: 10-15 years
Size: 5” with tail


  • Finch seed
  • Fresh greens (kale, spinach, broccoli spears, romaine lettuce; avoid iceberg lettuce)
  • Spray Millet
  • Treats may consist of:
    • Prepackaged bird treats
  • Avoid these foods:
    • Chocolate & other candy
    • Onions
    • Avocados

Caging & Environment

  • Finches can be housed in any cage that features ½” bar spacing, but do need enough room to fly back and forth across the cage.
  • They should have several perches (preferably made of different materials – wood, rope, etc.).
  • Provide a water cup, seed cup, and fresh food cup as well as a cuttlebone.
  • If kept in breeding pairs, a nest and nesting material should be provided.


  • Most finches can be housed in multiple pairs; however, if the cage is not spacious enough, males may start to fight.
  • Gouldian finches should be housed separately from other finch species. They are also more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. House them away from drafts and away from direct sunlight.
  • Finches do not have their wings clipped, so care must be taken when placing in or removing from their cage.
  • Because of their high level of activity, finches should have millet available to them at all times; it provides them with the additional calories that they need.
  • Society finches will foster eggs of other species when given the chance.