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Betta Hydro Pro 1 Liter

Betta Hydro Pro 1 Liter by Bio2PetLabs

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One Step Water Solution for Betta Fish. HYDROPRO BETTA by Bio2 Pet Labs is the very best way to keep your betta healthy and happy! It is the ideal solution for bettas, goldfish or other fish living in non-aerated tanks.

The water is de-chlorinated, de-mineralized and purified by dual-micron, carbon and reverse osmosis filtration, and then using unique, patented AHT technology, the purified water is enhanced at the molecular level to create a solution with high levels of dissolved oxygen, antioxidants, slightly alkaline pH, and reduced structure for improved hydration and cellular respiration.

HYDROPRO BETTA cleanses your pet's skin, improves gill function and promotes wound healing and better health. HYDROPRO BETTA contains no chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals or chemical additives. No chemicals, conditioners, mixing or waiting are necessary, making it the safe and hassle-free system of caring for your pet. HYDROPRO BETTA has been shown to require 35% fewer water changes when compared to treated tap water, so you don't have to change the water and clean the tank nearly as often. Safe for children to handle.

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