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Lipiderm By Int'l Vet Services

Helps stop excessive shedding.

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Comfort Time Tablets 60ct

Comfort Time Tablets 60ct By Int'l Vet Services

educe stress and anxiety caused by unfamiliar surroundings, guests in the home or travel.

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Kwik-Stop Powder

Kwik-Stop Powder By Gimborn, Inc.

Quickly stops bleeding caused by clipping nails, docking tails, and minor cuts.

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Anti - Itch Spray with Hydrocortisone 4 oz.

Anti - Itch Spray with Hydrocortisone 4 oz. By Sergeant's Pet Care Prod.

For aiding the soothing, drying and healing of moist 'hot spots'.

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Mixed Breed Identification Kit

Mixed Breed Identification Kit By Mars Veterinary

A simple DNA test that helps reveal the breeds in a dog’s ancestry.

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Fresh Breath Plus- Hip & Joint

Fresh Breath Plus- Hip & Joint By Tropiclean

Specifically designed to promote wellness for pets with hip and joint challenges.

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99 Products

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Kids! Get active with your pet! There are countless ways to focus learning around your pet in the classroom. From in-class assignments to take-home projects and from coloring pages to crafts, here are some great ideas to enhance your connection to, and understanding of, your pet. Enjoy the great things to do on our pages!