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Soft Claws CLS

Soft Claws CLS By Smart Practice

Solution to pet scratching problem and the preferred alternative to declawing.

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Bath Mat

Bath Mat By Idea Factory

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$5.99 - $9.99
Furminator Deshedding Tool for Cats

Furminator Deshedding Tool for Cats By Furminator

DeShedding edges designed to reach beneath the topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair

$37.99 - $42.99

30 Products

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Kids! Get active with your pet! There are countless ways to focus learning around your pet in the classroom. From in-class assignments to take-home projects and from coloring pages to crafts, here are some great ideas to enhance your connection to, and understanding of, your pet. Enjoy the great things to do on our pages!