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Kitty Wonderbox 3pk

Kitty Wonderbox 3pk By 8 in 1

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In-Store Only

Original Durascoop

Original Durascoop By Duranimals

Ergonomic designed won’t bend, break or flick litter out of the box.

Littermaid Boxes 18 Pk

Littermaid Boxes 18 Pk By Applica

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Caribbean Litter Mat

Caribbean Litter Mat By Cats Rule

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Neutral Stripe Litter Mat

Neutral Stripe Litter Mat By Cats Rule

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Sherpa Replacement Liner

Sherpa Replacement Liner By Sherpa

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Fresh Flow Fountain

Fresh Flow Fountain By Doskocil

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$29.99 - $49.99
Durapet Cat Bowl

Durapet Cat Bowl By Our Pets

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$5.29 - $6.99
Nature's Miracle Cat

Nature's Miracle Cat By 8 in 1

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$7.29 - $26.99
Crystal Eye

Crystal Eye By Four Paws

Specially formulated to remove tear and other stains.

$8.29 - $10.29
$4.99 - $7.99
Earoxide Cleanser

Earoxide Cleanser By Vetoquinol/Tomlyn

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Soft Claws CLS

Soft Claws CLS By Smart Practice

Solution to pet scratching problem and the preferred alternative to declawing.

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KMR Liquid

KMR Liquid By Pet Ag

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$4.99 - $7.49
KMR Powder

KMR Powder By Pet Ag

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$17.99 - $25.99
Comfy Cone

Comfy Cone By All Four Paws

Soft e-collar, which is veterinary tested and approved, for dogs & cats. All sizes on special!

$20.99 - $38.99
$15.99 - $31.99
Dinner Mat

Dinner Mat By Van Ness

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221 Products

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Kids! Get active with your pet! There are countless ways to focus learning around your pet in the classroom. From in-class assignments to take-home projects and from coloring pages to crafts, here are some great ideas to enhance your connection to, and understanding of, your pet. Enjoy the great things to do on our pages!